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It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.  - Charles Darwin, (1809-1882)
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Biodiesel Basics     
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Make It Biodiesel - A Primer (PDF)

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Why Use Biofuels? Why Not?
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Further Reading
How Diesel Engines Work
On the Road to Fueling the Future
Business Mgmt for Producers
Understanding Biodiesel Fuel Quality and Performances
From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank

The Veggie Van Voyage
Fat of the Land
The End of Suburbia

Bio Go Global
Biofuel business in developing countries.
Biofuels: Environmental and Economical Impact
Clean Fuel for the Future

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Biodiesel Pamphlets :
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  • These tri-fold brochures are great to leave with folks you talk to about biodiesel.
  • Copy, Print & Distribute these brochures as they are, or . . .
  • Edit the FIRST page column to MARKET biodiesel.
  • For example. Clip a public interest story quote about high gas prices that mention biodiesel. Add a Title "NEWSFLASH." Copy the clipped quote. Print your new brochure.

    The brochures print okay on 24# colored-paper.

Visit again to download updates and new brochures.

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Biodiesel Station
Hudson Valley Biodiesel Coop

The Hudson Valley Biodiesel Cooperative!
Keep informed about this important energy alternative. Stay tuned to what's happening in the Hudson Valley as we actively progress and grow. Find out why biodiesel may be the most effective and important energy provider/source/fuel.

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Diesel Vehicles Auctions
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  Max Price: $700
  $500 - $1,000
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